As early as the early 1990s, German scientist Klaus Wagner began to study innovative technologies different from traditional water treatment processes. With the help of bioinformation technology based on the theory of quantum physics, he invented micro wave 2000 series products such as quantum tube through ring, and rapidly promoted the products to all over the world, benefiting more than 50 countries and regions.

IAB company, founded by Mr. Wagner, focuses on the research and development of comprehensive scheme of fluid treatment technology, with a history of more than ten years. The company's core products, mainly quantum tube through ring, are excellent in performance, green and environmental protection, in line with the relevant industrial standards of the European Union and Germany, and are known as the technological revolution of water treatment industry in the industry. Today, tens of thousands of application cases have proved the excellent performance of micro wave quantum tube through ring in different industrial fields in the world every day.


Application scope and treatment coefficient

Wall temperatureMaximum treatment flow of non circulating systemApplicable system pipe outer diameterservice life

Up to 150 ℃Up to 15 years

Scope of application

It is not limited by water quality and pipe material; it is also applicable to static water

Effective operating distance

Ideal conditions up to 10 km downstream of the installation site

Fluid temperature

Up to 150 ℃

ambient temperature



Maximum processing flow of circulation system







Quantum tube through ring is different from traditional water treatment technology with its unique and excellent technology. More than ten years ago, when the traditional water treatment technology mostly stayed in looking for a variety of standard methods, such as rust removal and scaling, it focused on the research of the mechanism of scale formation, and sought for a new way to cure the root cause. Using water itself to solve the problem of rust and scale brought by water, using water to control water, this new concept makes the water purification ring to success.

Changsha sansefan Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an agent in central and South China set up by IAB bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd. in Germany. It is responsible for the import, sales and installation engineering business of IAB products in Germany.


The pass ring of quantum tube is composed of special information memory materials. IAB company of Germany uses specific equipment to measure and store the molecular vibration waveforms of related substances in water. Aiming at the molecular vibration waveforms of related substances in water, IAB company develops a variety of ultra-fine vibrations, and uses specific technology to store the waves in the subatomic level of the quantum tube pass ring. At the moment when the quantum tube through-loop is installed on the tube, the ultra-fine vibration wave is released continuously and constantly, and is introduced into the water through the tube wall.

The release of the ultra micro vibration wave does not need any external energy but only depends on the heat energy of the surrounding environment. With the aid of water as the medium to transmit and store the vibration wave, the ultra-fine vibration wave propagates along the water flow direction at high speed and reaches the water in every corner of the pipe network. Under the action of ultra precision and micro vibration wave, the activity of water is greatly enhanced. Large water molecular groups are decomposed into small single water molecules. The solubility, permeability and scale containing capacity of water are enhanced. The formed scale and rust are disintegrated, and the normal living conditions of bacteria and algae are destroyed, so as to effectively protect pipelines and equipment from all kinds of corrosion.

    At the same time, the physical characteristics of calcium, iron and other related substances and various metal salts in water are changed by the ultra fine vibration wave. For example, when the solubility of calcium carbonate is increased and the water temperature is increased, there is little crystallization; the original scale will be slowly dissolved; the new pipeline will not form scale blocks; the new rust will no longer appear, the original rust layer will be dissolved until it disappears, and the protective oxide layer will be formed on the inner wall of the pipeline, the pipeline will be self-cleaning and self-cleaning, and the service life of the equipment will be greatly extended.



Descaling and antiscaling

After installing the quantum tube through ring for a period of time, the old scale deposited in the system for many years can be removed. There is only a thin layer of soft dirt on the surface of pipeline or equipment, which plays a similar role in protecting the surface of pipeline. In some cases, it even restores the natural color of the surface of pipeline or equipment.

Rust removal and rust prevention

It can remove the existing rust in the system and prevent the metal pipe from rusting.

Killing algae and bacteria

Eliminate the biofilm and algae in the pipeline system, and eliminate the hotbed on which the bacteria live.

Enhance water activity and improve water health indicators

The use of quantum tube can enhance the activity of water, reduce or even eliminate the content of E-coli and other bacteria in water, making water more suitable for human physiological needs.

Paraffin removal

Paraffin can be removed from the oil pipeline

[high efficiency and stability]

From the current tens of thousands of use, if the installation and use according to the regulations, no failure is found, the product can not only achieve the effect of descaling and rust, but also maintain stability for a long time.

[green environmental protection]

Replace chemical additives in water treatment, and truly realize natural environmental protection.

[water saving and energy saving]

As a result of scaling, the heat transfer efficiency of the pipeline system can be reduced by more than 70%, and the energy consumption can be increased by more than 50%. In order to maintain the concentration multiple, the water consumption of the circulation system can be increased by more than one time. The use of this ring can achieve energy and water conservation.

[easiest to install]

There is no power supply, no need to cut the pipeline, two half rings can be solid with bolts, which will not have any impact on the existing pipeline system, and it is the most convenient installation of all descaling devices at present.

[zero maintenance cost]

Once installed, no inspection and maintenance is required.

[Zero operating cost]

No power supply, no labor, chemicals, testing and other operating costs.

[good for human health]

It can not change the chemical function of water, keep the effective minerals such as calcium ion in water, and can effectively supplement calcium, which is beneficial to the health of the body.

[extend the service life of the system]

There is not only no corrosion to the pipeline system, but also a protective film on the inner wall. If there is no corrosion outside the pipeline, the service life of the pipeline will be extended indefinitely in theory.

[high efficiency cost ratio]

Under the condition of achieving the effect, factors such as saving labor, chemicals, maintenance, energy consumption and extending the service life of the pipeline are considered comprehensively. The efficiency cost ratio is 1-3 times higher than that of the general descaling / cleaning method, and 5-10 times higher in some industries and projects.

[long warranty period]

IAB Germany promises a 5-year warranty.









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