Changsha sansefan Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a specialized environmental protection company mainly engaged in water treatment developed on the basis of Changsha sansefan new technology development branch. With Xiangtan University as technical support and Hunan Metallurgical Materials Research Institute as research and development base, it is a high-tech water industry equipment company integrating equipment production, sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales. The company has production department, engineering department, marketing department, after-sales department and financial department. The company has strong technical force and experienced senior and intermediate water treatment professional engineers. Our company with professional advanced vision, focus on the introduction of the most advanced technology and products to the market. In 2006, the company began to introduce the concept of heating and ventilating in Germany into China. Combined with the latest technology of heating and ventilating in the world and the actual situation of China, the company developed and produced new environmental protection equipment for heating and ventilating, such as constant pressure device, vacuum degasser, gas impurity separator, etc. after more than 7 years of practice, modification and improvement, the company has truly met the actual situation of China, and has provided high efficiency and long service life The modern buildings include Hunan provincial Party committee, Xiang Ya Yi Yi, three hospitals, Hunan provincial finance department, Hunan health department, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, global financial center, World Expo, Shanghai science and Technology Museum, and many other users have already selected our heating and ventilating equipment. For example, acting as the agent of German flamco constant pressure device, German Wellan 2000 micro wave quantum tube through ring, and German Verizon air purifier, Original ionic rod water processor of Canada York energy company, bell, Israel Tech (poltek) rubber ball online cleaning device, swirl sand fine filter, electric analytical descaling sterilizer, Israel's filtomat self-cleaning filter, Australia's filtaworx ® stainless steel self-cleaning filter, America's AUTOTROL (attoro), fleck (fleck), Kinetico (Kangke) automatic water softener, etc., UK's APV plate heat exchanger; at the same time, research and development Make our own independent products, such as domestic dy constant pressure device, SRJ constant pressure heat exchange unit with exclusive technology, SRS hot water supply unit, sjwy temperature and pressure reduction unit, zlis ion rod water processor, three tower, four tower flow bed, central air conditioning automatic dosing intelligent control device, full-automatic sewage filter, ssfcs condenser cleaning system, RO reverse osmosis device, swimming pool water treatment system The company is specialized in the treatment and utilization of waste water, waste gas and waste residue.

    Business scope: production and sales of water treatment equipment, environmental protection engineering, agent sales of import and export industrial equipment, building materials and chemical products. In the past ten years, our company has mainly acted as an agent of foreign water treatment equipment and water treatment projects, providing high-quality products for the water supply and drainage system of large industrial enterprises and all civil facilities. After seven years of efforts, our company has established a complete sales and technical support network in the country, which can provide technical support and after-sales service for customers in a timely manner. The products produced and sold by the company have been popularized and used all over the country, and have been unanimously praised by experts of users. Meanwhile, the company has its own offices all over the country.

    Sansefan company is committed to the development of high-tech water treatment products, dedicated to the development of environmental protection services, social services, and strive to build itself into a set of technology-based, production-based, service-oriented high-tech enterprises. For the purpose of business development, based on high and new technology, based on good reputation and guaranteed by after-sales service, we provide you with the most professional water treatment service with a scientific attitude to solve your production and life problems. Not to be the biggest, but to be the best!

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